Privacy Notice of ProtecThor


This privacy notice is applied to use ProtecThor application and service related to the system or mobile device for using web site and service.

Information gathering about you

To use ProtecThor, an account must be created on the system. To create an account, name, e-mail address should be provided and a password should be chosen to protect the account.

Information gathering about your child

To provide the service, you need to collect and analyze information about your child's online activities in ProtecThor. There are two kinds of types for gathering information about your child depending on how to configure the setting.

Profile Information.

At first, ProtecThor asks each device holders name. Also depending on your choice, it is possible that ProtecThor makes you write the phone number related to the device. When you activate ProtecThor calls and text message monitoring service and install ProtecThor on your child's mobile device, it means you provides your child's cell phone number to ProtecThor. Children's activity logs collected can be kept for 1 year. The data is automatically deleted more than 1 year in a state that cannot be recovered.

Activity Information

If your child's information is set in the service, ProtecThor application will gather information about child's online and mobile devices activities running on the system at home and child’s device. ProtecThor always informs their children of the existence of the application.

The following activity information could be collected:

ProtecThor gather information on your system whether the ProtecThor application is installed well or not. The information is used for improving the success rate and evaluating of ProtecThor. The information will not be associated with any personally identifiable information.